Medical translation: Breaking into the Direct-Client Market

Fecha: Lunes 13 de diciembre de 2021, de 17:00h a 19:00h.
Moderado por: Ana Sofia Correia

This roundtable is aimed at medical translators who want to know how to find direct clients. Although translation agencies seem to represent the main source of work in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, it is possible to get a steady flow of work (and income) by working with direct clients alone (or, at least, on a 20-80 ratio).

Let’s talk about what it takes to find clients and be found by them by sharing our experiences and efforts –whether successful or not– as well as the benefits (and downsides) of working with direct clients.

This event is for Tremédica members only. Pre-register here.

Conference room details will be posted to Tremédica’s General Matters email list.

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